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First Art for Public Residency

News From Home is an ongoing project by the artist duo Anne Fehres and Luke Conroy, capturing overlooked stories from communities. The 10th edition of this project took place during a 4 week artist-residency in Mondovì, Italy.

The outcome of this research and image collection was the creation of a large-scale 6×2 metre photographic composition. This work was presented on a wall in public space during the Hybrid Festival in Mondovì from July 20 — July 22. The final composition consists of almost one thousand individual elements, inspired by the multi-layered identity of Mondovì. 

These layers present a diversity of perspectives on Mondovì and include such elements as children’s drawings, historical images, photography of daily life submitted by the community, graffiti scratched into walls around the city and spontaneous staged portraits in the streets. Through this collision of diverse layers, the work celebrates Mondovì as a place where elements of the past, modern reality and future dreams constantly overlap, inviting the audience to consider diverse narratives from both a local and global perspective.

In this video Anne Fehres and Luke Conroy talk about their project in Mondovi.


DIALOG CITY aims to increase accessibility to culture through a dialogical approach by developing new practices on how to connect digital innovation to citizens’ physical participation. In doing so DIALOG CITY creates a socially inclusive, environmentally friendly, and economically sustainable urban digital environment.

Co-creation is at the core of the project encompassing a CITIZEN ARCHIVE PLATFORM for the cultural heritage sector and an innovative design thinking toolkit on FUTURE LITERACY.


Who We Are

DIALOG CITY consists of 7 project partners that are based in small and medium-size cities in 5 European countries. It comprises city archivesmuseums and city museumsarchives, urban activists and social architects, cultural organisations and a contemporary circus art institute as well as vocational training facilities.