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Art for Public Residency


The residency is from June 20 until July 24, 2023. The final presentation of the resulting artwork will be shown from 20 to 22 July at the DIALOG CITY HYBRID FESTIVAL in Mondovì.

The jury also allowed itself to be guided by imagining the visibility of the final artwork in public space and its integration into the DIALOG CITY HYBRID FESTIVAL in Mondoví. Aspects of sustainability and the ecological footprint were also taken into account and will play an important role in the further course of the project’s implementation.

The jury finally selected the project idea of Anne Fehres and Luke Conroy, an artist duo based in the Netherlands, working internationally in the field of socially engaged art practice. For the DIALOG CITY ART FOR PUBLIC RESIDENCY in Turin and Mondoví, they will embed themselves in the community of Mondoví for a period of 4 weeks. During this time, they will explore a diversity of community stories through in-depth research, community collaboration and observation. Anne and Luke are specifically interested in both the objective and subjective stories of the community and its members, relating to both a global and local perspective. The outcome of the residency will be an exhibition of the artists’ impressions of such stories, captured in a large-scale photographic composition in public space during the DIALOG CITY HYBRID FESTIVAL.

The project proposal of Anne and Luke matches many of the requirements of the call. Above all, the strong participatory aspect, the visibility of the artwork and its excellent integration with the DIALOG CITY HYBRID FESTIVAL. Their attitude towards a participatory and shared artistic work will also enable good communication and exchange, both regarding the artistic aspects and the festival organisation. Their experience in participatory art projects and excellent communication skills will as well ease the whole process of interaction and creation with the citizens in Mondovì involved in the residency workshops.

DIALOG CITY Jury members:
Raffaele Irace is a choreographer and the program director for dance and performance at the Gallus Theater in Frankfurt, Germany and the founder and artistic director of SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Solo Dance Festival, the IMPRO_RING dance platform and 24 HOURS X 24 MINUTES creative dance challenge. Raffaele is the artistic director of the DIALOG CITY HYBRID FESTIVAL in Mondoví.

Stefan Horn is the artistic director of the Berlin-based urban art association URBAN DIALOGUES dealing with all manners of flux and change of urban and social issues for 20+ years. His background is in theatre design and he is working internationally as a cultural manager and curator. Stefan is the artistic coordinator of the DIALOG CITY project which is including artist residencies in 4 countries.

Alessia Trovato holds a bachelor degree in eonomics and management for art, culture and communication and a master degree in performing arts management. Since May 2022 she has been working for the FONDAZIONE CIRKO VERTIGO (Grugliasco – Turin) in the live performance production department. Alessia is responsible for the DIALOG CITY ARTIST RESIDENCY PROGRAMME in Mondoví.