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About Dialog City

In recent years, the term Smart City has become deeply embedded in our language and thought patterns. It means a digitized city that uses technology to collect data, control processes and offer services. This ranges from electronic administration via self-driving public transport to smart solutions for building management. Almost every area that is data-intensive can be recorded, analysed and optimized accordingly. 

But digital transformation is more of a mindset than a purely technical innovation!

By developing a CITIZEN ARCHIVE PLATFORM to archive all kinds of data-based objects of various citizen groups, DIALOG CITY creates direct engagement with the audience and the presentation of cultural heritage will be widened.

The creation of a FUTURE LITERACY design thinking toolkit and implementation of workshops by trained artists, the methodology has outstanding potential to give citizens and stakeholders a compass in the face of the increasing complexity of our globally interconnected world.

Three HYBRID FESTIVALS in Turin and Mondovi (2023), in Graz (2024), in Aschaffenburg and Montpellier (2025) serve as physical and digital cultural platforms in order to reach diverse audiences.

An ART FOR PUBLIC residency programme invites artists to develop ideas for urban interventions dealing with local or global topics that are of great significance for the respective urban society based on participatory approach.

Who We Are

DIALOG CITY consists of 7 project partners that are based in small and medium-size cities in 5 European. It comprises city archives and city museums, urban activists and social architects, cultural organisations and a contemporary circus art institute as well as vocational training facilities.

This way, it includes different viewpoints and creates the basis of humane digitalisation.

And it aims at enabling a creative and sustainable network where creative solutions are continuously developed in the most diverse areas of society.

Find us on Instagram: @dialogcity_eu

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