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Dialog City Festivals

THREE DIALOG CITY HYBRID FESTIVALS are going to happen in MondovĂ­/ IT, from 20-22 July 2023, in Graz/ AT (mid 2024) and Aschaffenburg/ DE in parallel with Montpellier/ FR (mid 2025). These events also serve also as cornerstones for the development of the CITIZEN ARCHIVE PLATFORM and the FUTURE LITERACY TOOLKIT.

The annual DIALOG CITY HYBRID FESTIVALS serve as cultural platforms and highlights to connect digital innovation directly to citizens’ participation through a dialogical, digital-analog approach.

The events are also milestones for prototyping the Citizen Archive Platform and the Future Literacy Methodology in the course of the project and may content a variety of topics that are at the core of the DIALOG CITY project.

What are the cornerstones of a city’s data and data infrastructure? How can citizens tap into a data-driven world that is accelerated by artificial intelligence and quantum computers?
The idea of DIALOG CITY is to discuss and to learn in an agile manner what constitutes current and future models of success in digitization without focusing solely on economic aspects. 

What form of participation and transparency does a DIALOG CITY need and what are the processes to be derived from?
During the events, not only individuals but also cultural organisations as well as sports associations and already established events will be included. We also invite non-formal groups and activists to take part in the events and give them a platform for discourse. 

What should a web-based platform for a DIALOG CITY look like? What is relevant for the development of a data-driven platform by citizens and artists, city administration and stakeholders?
We plan and discuss which location-based technologies and services have to be used, how and with which content in order to make art and culture a participatory part of a DIALOG CITY.

How do we convey the questions and answers of digitization and combine that with a call for active participation at all levels of urban society to the citizens of a DIALOG CITY?
With the annual events that are going to happen physically in MondovĂ­, Graz and Aschaffenburg/Montpellier and the digital interconnection of all other cities involved, we will offer citizens from all participating countries a dialogue platform towards digitization, its development, effects, possibilities, opportunities and threats.

What does climate change and environmental protection mean at the interface between the digital and analog realm? How can citizens actively participate here?
Artistic and creative data visualization of real time data information on consumption and processes is envisaged. Making data visible can represent the actual state of play and can then define goals and measures that can be designed and implemented by the citizens themselves.