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Game Jam in Aschaffenburg and Mondoví

Imagine our Common Future


How do we imagine a future worth living in? How can our common history help us in this? How can we shape our current actions accordingly?
From July 20-22, 2023, a parallel Game Jam will take place in Aschaffenburg (Germany) and Mondoví (Italy) as part of the first hybrid festival of the European cultural project DIALOG CITY.

During this three-day workshop, citizens, students and activists will get the opportunity to develop game ideas together and then to design concrete prototypes that deal with the burning issues of the future. Topics such as climate change, the current crisis and global interdependencies can be negotiated in game jams to generate innovative ideas and make complex connections visible in a playful way.

How does the Imagine Our Future Game Jam work?

Various teams on site in Aschaffenburg and Mondoví develop game ideas for the specific topic within a certain time frame. They are supported by professional process supervisors and game designers to convert these ideas into playable prototypes with the help of agile development methods. Regular play tests play an important role in improving these prototypes. As part of the DIALOG CITY Hybrid Festival, some of the playtests will take place as online presentations between the two cities involved.

Under the title »LABOURGAMES«, the two game masters Stefan Horn and Axel Watzke designed and managed game jams in cooperation with European partners in Rome, Hamburg, Athens and Amsterdam. More than 80 game ideas were developed. The entire process of the multi-year project is documented on the project website.