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DIALOG CITY kicked off on 22nd September 2022 with a one-day UNCONFERENCE based on an open space format such as a BarCamp. External experts, artists, stakeholders, decision-makers and the interested public discussed topics such as participation, digitisation, art and public, future literacy, personal digital archiving and digital rights.

Why UNCONFERENCE? At any classical conference you’ll often find some dry, uninspiring performances among the batch of interesting lectures. However, excitement comes during the break when you get the time to chat with the other participants and reflect on the lecture/ performance. Most importantly, you get the chance to get connected.

This is at the very core of an UNCONFERENCE or BarCamp philosophy: it’s about harnessing the knowledge of all participants and to circulate ideas. Everyone is a potential associate and can contribute to the event. There’s no hierarchy between speakers, guests and listeners.