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GRAZhack 2023

Create Our Digital Future!


As part of a hackathon from March 16-18, 2023, we want to take the first steps in the development of a tool that can be used to secure personal digital data in the long term. Be part of the team of developers! It counts: Your code! Your design! Your experience!

Personal digital data, whether it’s social media profiles, email accounts or photos, will be lost in the long run if nothing is done. This, because the ubiquitous availability of data makes us believe that digital information will remain stored in the “net” for “eternity”. As part of the EU project “Dialog City”, co-funded by Creative Europe (2021-2026), we are working with citizens to develop the “Citizen Archive Platform” (CAP), a tool for long-term digital archiving of personal data.

Therefore: Save the Date! We look forward to your participation.

Thursday, March 16, 12:00-21:00
At the beginning of the hackathon all participants are invited to meet and get acquainted with the rules of the game of the cultural hackathon. The project and the CAP project will be examined from different angles and there will be an opportunity to develop ideas and questions. The participants themselves choose what they would like to explore.

Friday, March 17, 9:30-21:00
On Friday, project ideas will be developed in groups and supported with further methods as needed. The common exchange takes place in a large plenum on agreement with the participating groups and the organization and makes intermediate results visible. Feedback from other groups can be incorporated. The groups decide for themselves in which form they would like to cast their project. Experience has shown that concepts, prototypes, open source codes or publications are possible.

Saturday, March 18, 9:30-12:00
On Saturday, these projects will be presented to the public and there will be an opportunity to share results, experiences and developments. They will enter into an exchange with three invited guests and their perspectives on the topic of long-term archiving, and we will open the dialogue with an exciting format.